Friday, February 26, 2010

A beginning

What is Beach Bohemia?
It is a way of life, from beach to downtown.
It is to Reuse, rework, redefin
e. to be frugal and stylish
Treasures found, treasures uncovered.
All things found are remade, reworked and developed.

What will you find? What will you remake, develop and use?

Before After..............its been "beachified...."


  1. Hei.
    Gratulera med blogg :)
    Skal bli kjekt å se hva du finner på her.
    Besøk gjerne min blogg :)


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  3. Hey Rebecca - so excited for you! Can't wait to see your work. Savannah is such an inspirational location and you're so creative. I just know we're all in for great adventures with your new blog. Hugs ~ Tish

    p.s. my previous comment failed. so i'm trying to leave another one. have a great weekend :D

  4. Any notions of marketing this?

    You could perhaps sell through Etsy dot com. Just a thought