Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beach bags......Bohemia style

Visiting some Goodwill stores I found a lonely and sad basket. Looking at it, I felt that it would be a perfect project for Beach Bohemia. Idea: finding a basket and lining it with some fun materials...all recycled of course!!!!! I wanted to make linings that hare interchangeable and washable. How many times are linings in desperate need of some washing after a visit to the beach or the pool. Sad seeing a great basket with dirty linings!
Decided on two materials and made two and blue!!!



So two bags, one basket!!!! that's beach bohemia!

I think I am ready for Etsy!

Clutches made from coffeebags
A little sweet bag to carry with you as you paint the town....
All bags are made from recycled materials.
I think I am ready for Etsy